Technical Concept & Approach

Improved performance at extended emergency operations by:

  1. Drone based 5G Cell towers

  2. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Resistant Communications

  3. Decreased fatigued for Operators

  4. Optimized Tethered Flight Ops

Project Requirement, Federal Alignment & Sponsoring Organizations

Target Impact Organizations: USAF, US NAVY, Army R&D, ODOT, & NASIC



Potential Applications: Disaster Response (FEMA), Infrastructure (Bridges), Large Event Management (Concerts)


Includes EMI Resistant  R&D


Enabling technology for drones based around cell phone towers to bring bring cell phone service to ground personnel to a disaster area even when nearby towers are damaged or unavailable

Team & Economic Impact for the State of Ohio

Industry Team Members


Collegiate Team Members






90% of R&D activity & money in Ohio with commercialized system manufactured in Ohio.

How To Get Involved  

Cincy Spectrum
Ohio Based Drone Operators

Emergency UAS


We are looking for people experienced in drone operations, emergency response operations, emergency response command, emergency trauma care, and related fields to participate in two panels.
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