Pandemic response

Ohio Drone is dedicated to serving the community through this COVID-19 health crises.

Emergency Response Support

Our trained response team supplements emergency response teams by providing FAA licensed pilots and technology to support response activities.

Asset Security

Let us alleviate your manpower capacity issue and reduce your personnel exposure risk. 

Emergency Infrastructure Support

A global health crises is no time to fall behind on critical infrastructure support. Our specialist drone pilots perform critical infrastructure inspections using less manpower and fewer resources in less time than traditional inspections virtually eliminating personnel exposure risk.

Custom Drone Design

COVID-19 has changed the way we work but our needs still remain. We use drones to innovate new methods of working, let us customize a drone and flight training for your needs. 

Communications Network Support

During these early days of crises management and shelter-in-place social distancing we have seen that communications networks have taken on increased traffic causing significant distruptions in service. Our Improved Emergency Management Drone project is working on providing increased capacity for areas experiencing disruptions or network failures. Contact us to learn how you can participate in the project development, testing, and launch.

intelligent image analysis

Operational Asset Management

Using artificial intelligence and human engineering protocols to deliver management, operational, maintenance, and risk information through proprietary software that includes image analysis and analytics of your assets utilizing traditional intelligence techniques including GEOINT, IMINT, MASINT, and TECHINT combined with machine learning and analytics.


Data Collection Via Advanced Sensor Technology

Our drone technology is capable of deploying multiple sensor technologies at once to track field teams, assets, locations, safety conditions, and so much more...

Wireless Bridge

Particulate Matter


Carbon Monoxide

Light Intensity

Carbon Dioxide



Cloud data dashboards

Data Highlights Via Advanced Deep Dive Tools

Your data is only as useful as the analysis tools available to you. Our asset management partners enable you to view your data in impactful ways enabling you to rapidly deploy response teams.

Device Dashboard

Live Sensor Dashboard

Location Dashboard

iOS App

Android App

How We Can Support Your First Responders With Drones

When you receive a call for non-life threatening emergency services at a residence or office our Ohio Drone ‘COVID-19 Response Unit’ arrives on site prior to your paramedics, firefighters, or police to conduct initial temp evals on relevant drone accessible persons; deliver PPE to if determined necessary, and notify enroute units if COVID-19 conditions are detected onsite.

Pre-Response Evaluation

Due to the increased volume of emergency calls your local fire departments regular patrols may be overwhelmed leaving these otherwise vacant buildings and nearby homes vulnerable. Our local drone pilots perform these patrols for you by flying the sectors you identify as at risk,. Simultaneously live-streaming to your team and ready to notify you for any emergency conditions.

Community Fire Response

Contact Us

If you have questions regarding any of our Pandemic Response Services you can send an email ( including your name, phone number, and email ) to or call Rob directly at  1-440-915-5269.

Frequently asked questions

When’s the best time for me to get into the program?

The sooner the better. Simple as that. Why would you wait? The longer you have access to this education, the better prepared you’ll be and the better you’ll understand how everything works. Our suggestion is to get the education now, while you’re motivated to learn and while you have the time to absorb it all.

Why should I pay for this when I can get breastfeeding information virtually anywhere online?

We understand that a new baby can be financially challenging. But it's important to be mindful that much of the information obtained online for free is inconsistent and confusing, often causing overwhelm for many women. Receiving tips shared online and from well meaning family and friends only provides snippets of information. Our program provides you with a complete picture (along with support) so that you can be well informed and prepared. And so that you are confident to make an informed decision, even in unexpected situations.

What's so different about The Thompson Method?

The information shared in this program is by Dr Robyn Thompson a midwife with over 45 years experience who was awarded a PhD for her research into why so many women were being discharged from hospital, experiencing painful nipple trauma. The Thompson Method challenges the commonly taught, forceful techniques that are taught in most hospitals. It is a lot more gentle and encourages women to be strong and trust their maternal instincts. By adopting The Thompson Method you are more likely to experience a positive breastfeeding outcome. But it’s not just the method; it’s the belief behind The Thompson Method. A belief that every woman and her baby is unique. It’s a belief that every baby will be born in its own time; not at the convenience of hospital policy. It’s an understanding of the importance of the first breastfeed and that routine procedures should not interrupt or delay this precious time between a mother and her baby. It’s knowledge of how breast milk is produced that empowers the woman to know what to do and trust that her baby innately knows what to do. It’s having respect for the strength of one woman to give birth to her baby, with full support of how incredible both she and her baby are. The aim of The Thompson Method is to share factual information with a woman in pregnancy so that she can be more empowered and confident when giving birth in hospital and so that she can get her breastfeeding journey off to a positive start.

Why would I need this breastfeeding program? Won’t the hospital show me how to breastfeed?

Yes. But chances are, you’ll be shown a variety of different techniques by different people. It’s one of the most common frustrations we hear from women after being discharged from hospital. And with the rush to get you discharged, these techniques often include forcing your baby to the breast, just to get you ‘breastfeeding’ before you go home. This is why it’s so important that you are fully prepared and have enough confidence to make wise choices, and sometimes that includes saying ‘No thanks, I’ve got this’.

I’m already breastfeeding. Is it too late for me to benefit from this program?

Absolutely not. While there is a lot of information in there for pregnant women to avoid unnecessary intervention, the online program includes expert breastfeeding information for any stage of your journey. Information such as increasing low milk supply, overcoming latching issues with Dr Robyn’s signature method to assist your baby being more efficient (and pain-free at your breast) and how to relieve engorgement. If you’re bottle feeding, you’ll learn how to bottle feed to make the transition back to your breast easier, as well as reducing the risk of reflux (really common for bottle fed babies). Please understand however, that overcoming existing complications may take time and patience. There is no immediate fix or guarantee (other than our 14 day money back guarantee if you decide the program is not for you). PLUS you’ll have access to The Breastfeeding Club for online breastfeeding support to get you through the challenging times. And remember, you have access to this online program and support for a LIFETIME so that anything you missed out on with this baby, you can put into practice for the next one!

How do I know if The Thompson Method will work for me?

The Thompson Method works for any woman and her baby. The principles are based on the anatomy of the breastfeeding baby (Dr Robyn’s PhD research) to help women reduce the risk of painful complications, which also helps women establish and maintain their milk supply.

If you have flat nipples, large breasts, small nipples, even if your baby has a tongue tie, the Thompson Method will work. Of course, there are exceptions depending on your unique circumstances and there are no guarantees. If you’re not sure, or if you’re really struggling with breastfeeding and would like some 1:1 help, click here to ask a question and our team will point you in the right direction

I’m on a tight budget. Do you have a payment plan available?

Dr Robyn is passionate about helping you achieve your goals. She believes that money should not be a barrier to you gaining access to this information. If cashflow is a challenge for you right now, why not take advantage of our split payment plan? Pay half now, half later and get access to the course NOW! That's how much we believe in this education. Considering the cost of not taking any action, it's a small price to pay.

I’ve struggled with breastfeeding in the past. Will this still work for me?

Absolutely. Some women have had several babies before discovering The Thompson Method. The problem lies with so much inconsistent and conflicting information. Combine that with a hospital system that’s rushing women through and putting so much pressure on women who want to breastfeed. It’s no wonder breastfeeding rates are so low and why so many women are or have experienced painful complications. Our aim is to change that one woman and baby at a time.

Should I still do this program if I’m going to Antenatal class?

This program is for women who want to breastfeed with breastfeeding being the core focus. It's likely that the ‘breastfeeding’ information shared in your antenatal class is different to what’s shared in our program. According to Dr Robyn's research, the commonly taught forceful techniques are closely linked to painful nipple trauma. In fact, in her research of women experiencing nipple damage, 85% of them were using the most commonly taught technique, the cross-cradle technique. This is the only program where you will learn The Thompson Method and it’s designed to help you fully prepare you for your breastfeeding journey, give you the tools to know how to best manage breastfeeding when you arrive home, provide you with information on how to quickly overcome pain if you start to feel it and much, much more.

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