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Engineering & Design

We see drones as something more than just a trendy way to take a pretty picture. We see them as flying general purpose machines and aerial robotics that can dramatically improve safety and increase efficiency enabling workers to focus on more important tasks. We see endless possibilities.

Dare to dream. Tell us what you want and let us figure out how to turn your vision into reality. Even if you are not sure if your dream is possible, just ask.


When dealing with vertical and linear infrastructure, there is a lot to manage. You have to budget for capital improvement projects and schedule timely repairs to maintain service for your paying customers


Let us help you be more cost-effective, improve your data collection and analytics so you can be more confident in making those critical decisions.

Software & Analysis

As a team of engineers, we can see the true potential of drones to have a positive impact on a vast array of industries. However, simply collecting the data is not the goal. Data analysis is crucial for making factual and data-driven decisions.

We have experience in analyzing photos and videos from raw data to final report deliverables. We work with professionally licensed engineers to review all processed data.​

About Us

Ohio is the birthplace of flight and space. Though North Carolina was “First in flight”, any historian would tell you if Ohio had a region where there were 10 continuous miles of soft sand and continuous 30 mph winds, Wilbur and Orville would have rather had a fresh, warm Ohio apple pie after the first flight rather than sand fleas and flies.

Ohio is the birthplace, home, and passing place of America's first human to orbit the earth, John Glenn, and the first human to the Moon, Neil Armstrong. Humanity has no other place on this rock where it owes more debt to a single group of brave people to help us learn to expand beyond this planet. That's before we mention the other 23 astronauts, countless inventors, enthusiasts, teachers, citizens, parents, and sisters who made it possible.

If you are looking for advice on where to start a drone company, ask NASA Glenn Research Center, Ohio Aerospace Institute, Plum Brook Station, Wright Pat Airforce Base, Sierra-Lobo, SCORE, HCDC, GE-Aviation, & 30 other registered drone companies ... START A DRONE COMPANY IN OHIO.



Our Team

Rob Charvat

Chief Executive Officer

B.S./M.S. Aerospace Engineering


Rob is passionate about helping people (retired firefighter) and creating autonomous systems. He has been working on unmanned aerial systems since 2005. He has experience with corporate auditing from a Fortune 10 company. Rob sold his first drone company in 2012.

James Hillegas

Chief Operations Officer

B.S./M.S. Structural Engineering


James is passionate about identifying new investment opportunities that help expand the way people think about unmanned aerial systems. He has practiced bridge and roadway engineering for several years. James assisted early drone companies pre-FAA part 107 with processing inspection data.